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Re: Tire opinions Needed
« on: May 06, 2005, 07:36:46 PM »
I have head great things about BFG's, but I have also heard not so great things. I suppose it differs from each application. I do really like the interco lineup, to be honest I dont see myself doing too much highway travel up there. Lots of poeple seem to whine about how long swappers last but I notice these are the guys with big blocks, diesels etc....
The IROK's look bada$$ to me, and i hear that Interco's tires actually measure what they say they do. Unlike other tire makers, My goodyears are not a true 33" tire    :headshake:

Whats the major disadvantage of running a Bias ply tire vs a radial? I have read that bias ply can be tougher, but not as on road friendly since they do not have the belted reinforcement, and they are very sensitive to tire pressure.

The Toyos are a bit more coin than the MT/r's however Im looking to buy soon and the MT/R's are backordered from goodyear for a good 4 weeks, I have called around and NOBODY has them in stock.

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