Author Topic: My 88 pickup is back in buisness  (Read 131347 times)

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Re: My 88 pickup build (Flatbelly Time)
« Reply #150 on: Nov 17, 2006, 06:20:26 PM »
i plated mine so it isn't going to bend.  it really isn't hard at all to build a basic skidplate like i  did.  just used a stock t-case mount cut in half for the front adn then bolted it to the crossmember flange on the back.  i haven't even hit mine yet so i have no idea if it is strong enough but i think it is.  good idea on the gas tank lift, the body lift helps a lot.  what motor mounts do you have?  i would say chain them if they aren't already because it is going to stress them more with the new angle.

there is like 3 more mounts sitting at the shop.  they i don't know if we have any center sections cut right now.  but likei said if you take the hole thing a plate the 2 spots that need it you should be good to go.  but it comes with all bolts, 2 rubber mounts, and 2 brakets for the frame.  your gonna need a flush mount allen head oil fill plug though.


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