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Re: Hydro Assist:box and pump mods
« Reply #180 on: Mar 19, 2007, 08:14:12 AM »
I just did it ... no drill for me I started the tap with my fingers then used a wrench for some leverage to cut the threads in deep. I would be afraid of getting the tap in crooked with a drill.
Thats what I am afraid of.  Thanks for the quick replys.  i can't wait to be able to turn again! :rockingout:
I took care of it last night.  Everything was as described.  I would say you will want a vise. 

Also had a buddy show me how to avoid drilling too deep.  Since you can see the depth of the vein you are drilling you take the bit and put a piece of tape at the point where you want to stop.  takes out the guesswork.  very little chance of drilling to deep that way.

As far as road manners.  I think it feels like a lincoln or caddy from the late 70s early 80s.  Felt great to me!
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Bring on EJS


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