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Re: Hydro Assist:box and pump mods
« Reply #180 on: Jan 30, 2007, 07:48:49 PM »
I could not get the restrictor to fall out so that I could drill it. In trying to tap it out I ended up punching through just between the two holes. A little piece between the two holes cracked out. The two holes became one in a not so round pattern. I did not drill it out as that would have just made too big of a hole. I ran it figuring that if it did not work I would just by a new piece. Have not had any issues.

I have a 4.3L vortec in my 82 truck with Sawginaw pump. BTW this is a different truck than the one I am talking about with Yota4life. Anyways... My 82 will get a Toy box when I do my histeer. I have read a thread on pirate about a guy that was running a Saginaw pump and Toy box that had some squeeling that he could not get rid of no matter what he did. A shop had told him that the pump was putting out more flow than the box was designed to flow at with the O.E. pump. He ended up drilling a larger hole on the intake (H.P.) side of the box. Just where the fitting screws down onto. He says the squeeling went away.

What I am asking is if anyone else has heard of this mod and how it worked or did not work. :hammerhead:
82 1st Gen with 4.3L vortec and 4l60e. Linked front and rear

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