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New Member Check In - Rock Solid Toy Question
« on: Apr 07, 2021, 03:52:03 PM »
 Hello Marlin Board. Checking in for the first time.

2013 Tacoma TRD. Pretty normal build. Has some goodies. Needs more goodies which leads to my question.

Can anyone PLEASE help me with ROCK SOLID TOYS?

- Deposit made to rock solid toys in late 2018 for taco box
- Marlin had issues for a year + securing material for production.
- Marlin had issues getting input shafts.
- Early 2019 spoke to Marlin, RST orders were in production.
- Mid 2019 Was told by Wyatt installs 6+ months out.
- January 2020 Requested deposit back.
- Early April 2020 was told deposit refund received from Marlin.
- Late April 2020 verbal arrangement with Wyatt to keep deposit, box would soon arrive, Install late 2020 / early2021 due to wife and I having first child.
- Late March 2021 - Multiple phone voicemails and emails to Wyatt with no response.
- April 7th 2021 - Called Marlin for information. Basically told 'we are not affiliated with RST'. We are no longer manufacturing Taco Boxes but we do sell adapters. No information or guidance offered other than that.
I'm incredibly frustrated.   :mad:
I'd like to know if anyone here can point me in the right direction?
Thank you in advance


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Wyatt screwed over a lot of people, sounds like you let Wyatt keep the deposit and that's exactly what he did. He most likely would have kept it anyways. I don't see how Marlin would be able to do anything. Wyatt took a lot of peoples money and ran off. From what I read on Tacomaworld
he doesn't have any assets in his name so it will be tough to go after him. RST was just a fab shop that installed parts they bought from many vendors, including Marlin, they have no affiliation otherwise.
It sucks to get ripped off.
sounds like this guy he keeps taking orders/money on his website but hasn't shipped anything in a couple of years
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Sorry to hear you were taken by RST.  Check out this tread on TacomaWorld for some information on the RST situation.

Beware!!! Rock Solid Toys

05 4Runner Sport 4x4 V6 - Hanna Sliders
89 Extra Cab 4x4 Pickup, 22re, 31x10.5 w/4.56's & ARB in rear


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