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Re: Trump's Taxes....
« Reply #30 on: Oct 23, 2020, 11:31:52 PM »
Lucky for you.... Trump is going to win by the biggest landslide win in history!  :thumbs:
Gnarls  :roflsign:

On a fair playing field, given the economic prosperity most Americans were experiencing pre-wuhan, he should win by a larger margin than he did in '16.  However it isn't a fair playing field, he is up against the media, big tech, as well as a Democrat party that believes it holds the moral high ground and are fighting evil, which makes any act they commit, such as ballot box stuffing, justifiable, not too mention all the non-Socialist Dems who still believe the Dem party is still the party of JFK and not Marx.

While I hope you are right, as a win gives us 4 more years to move away from the Socialist cliff, however, given the Socialists losing their first chance at securing a liberal majority of the Supreme Court in '16, and with it the loss of legislating from the bench, I think they will stop at nothing this year to win what they believe was rightfully theirs, and the covid crap with bloated voter rolls, gives them the opening to do so, even if that means destroying the nation in the process.

This is how close we are to living in Orwell's 1984, or China/NK, only it wont be government restricting speech, it will be the media and big tech, not only are they banning negative news stories about Biden, but even mocking him now requires a warning label.
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