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Re: Trump's Taxes....
« Reply #30 on: Oct 23, 2020, 01:47:38 PM »
I wonder how a electric vehicle would wheel if set up right?

If the dems get their way we will have no choice but to find out

Theoretically, with 4 independent motors attached to to independent suspension arms free of limited articulation caused by axle travel issues, that can be raised and lowered on their, while being able to have the lowest crawl speed, it should school any gas powered straight axle rig on the trail.  However the amount of space needed to house the batteries needed to run it all, and their weight, makes it something that we will likely never see.

Long trip?  Tesla probably leads the world in EV technology. Its best vehicle will go 300 miles before it needs a recharge.  It takes 40 minutes to recharge the batteries. The charging circuit requires 240 volts.

“you're going to probably need a $ 1,000 generator to bring with you and gas. “  What for?
Not according to Tesla, for the Tesla 3 it takes 6-8hurs using an 11kw power source to fully charge the batteries.  A 115vlt standard outlet will give you just 7 miles in an hour while the 11kw outlet will get you about 43.

Regarding the evolution of EVs to a point of replacing the 1.4 Billion gas powered vehicles world-wide…. it most likely will never happen.

Like solar and wind renewable energy sources (both are scams), there is a short list of very critical issues that the promoters of EVs don’t want to talk about.  The sources for the rare earth metals (neodymium, terbium, and dysprosium) for the electric motors alone is extremely limited.  Not to mention lithium!

The actual cost of replacing gas powered vehicles with EVs is nearly incalculable. The construction of the necessary charging stations at home and roadside has major challenges to overcome.

Oh… save the planet and the Green New Deal?… environmentally, what do think fuels the USA’s 7,300 power plants for our electrical grid?  Since large amounts of energy cannot stored, electricity must be produced as it is used.

The battery issue is what limits EV's from becoming a replacement for fossil/liquid fueled vehicles.  The only way EV's would make a practical replacement for vehicles, is to remove the battery issue, and have them draw their electricity from the road, something along the lines of how we wirelessly charge phones now.

Where EV's get their power from has always made me laugh at those who like to gloat about their EV being green, fossil fuel/nuclear plants are not green, and sure you can use Solar, wind, hydro, but are either bot green to produce or operate. 

Cost of being green also isn't cheap, in CA, 70% or more of the electricity is generated from green energy at the cost of $0.20/kwh, meanwhile Louisiana produces 70% of its power using natural gas at a cost of just $0.9/kwh.
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