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Re: Parting Out 1984 Toyota
« on: Aug 12, 2020, 12:42:31 PM »
Long story short I was looking for a donor truck to finish my 84 but ended up with a 88 SR5 which will be easier to SAS than to take parts off the 88 and onto the 84. Everything from the frame down will be going from the 84 to the 88. From the 84 I will be keeping the transfer case, tranny (both have 26k original miles) and dash pad. Going to paint it gray and replace the cracked one in the 88.

The 84 is a 22R (26k original miles) and the 88 is a 22RE. My question is, can anyone think of any other super hard to find items that I would be better off keeping as a spare for the 88 rather than trying to sell?

(This isnít my official part out thread but feel free to PM me if there is something you are looking for.
1984 Toyota, contact me anything you want about it,

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