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5th Gen Differential swap
« on: Jun 26, 2020, 02:50:20 PM »
Planning my next set of modification, and as always, trying to run a larger tires. What i would like to do is swap in a 2007 + Tundra 9" front IFS Diff into my 2010 4Runner, probably with the accompanying rear axle. My assumption is this would give some more strength and more gearing options (at least from what i can see).

My question is has anyone attempted this?

What are the dimensions of the Tundra 9"? Mounting looks similar and i'm not above some cutting and welding if needed. I'm wondering if it's wider and if so by how much? How Tall is the Case, from Axle Center-line to top of differential case, Can it fit with a Diff Drop kit?

Let me know if i have forgot anything, or reasons why this has not been done.
Thank you


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