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I'm seeing  stock igniters going for astronomic prices  online , and since my "85 EFI 22RE still has stock parts that are working fine (well just stocker, so OK) I am wondering about the possibility of an upgrade that will be compatible wit my EFI computer.
I am noticing that the tach doesn't come online fully in cold weather until the engine warms up , so things may be breaking down slowly  and I want to freshen things up hell I want to replace this old stuff. with a much healthier ignition setup.
The toyota parts aren't doing anything electronically that special, I haven't seriously looked yet to see what's available

what's available?


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How cold is it ?

The tach could be gummed up...………..
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Hey SS...

Oh geezz… you have a “snowbird” tach.  :yupyup:

What’s wrong with Toyota’s ignition system? :dunno:

Toyota parts do everything special. :thumbs:

The only “upgrade” I do to ignition is metal core spark plug wires, iridium spark plugs, with Echlin cap & rotor. :biggthumpup:

With a 1985 Toyota pickup, everything is most likely “breaking down slowly”. :disturbed:

Except the ignitor.... they usually work or not work.

Gnarls. :spin:
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