Author Topic: Finally, a front bumper and a winch even  (Read 590 times)

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Finally, a front bumper and a winch even
« on: Jun 02, 2020, 03:56:58 PM »
I have been experiencing real PITA health problems for the past couple of years and not able to earn as much money as days gone bye but, this year I came up on a few good paying motorcycle engine builds and got me one of them stimulus checks so I bought a front bumper among other things and then got a broken Warn VR-12000 given to me I figured out how to fix so now I don't just have a bumper but I am winch equipped now too.

I have a video of the winch working after I figured out what was wrong and fixed it with an Albright single unit to replace the 4 that smoked once upon a time but, YouTube has made upload a real hassle I do not have the patience to deal with.
Anyway, there she is with her brand new cable but, the control box cover does not fit any more and I still have to take the base plate off and drill two more holes so I can secure it safely.
fasterspider, now older and slower.


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