Author Topic: Help with transfer case swap!  (Read 333 times)

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Help with transfer case swap!
« on: Apr 02, 2020, 01:20:08 PM »
Hello All

I thought swapping a 1kz-te into my Tacoma would be straightforward and then I realized the transmission it came with (an A30-43LE, same as AW4 on Jeeps) had a AWD transfer case. From looking at pictures, I think a tcase and its extension from a Tacoma or a Tundra will bolt on. Do you guys think that's true? I guess I can't post pictures because I'm a new member, but my transmission doesn't have a hole for the bottom middle bolt I've seen on other Toyotas. It has four holes across the bottom but it looks like the two in the corners should line up. Do you think I can get away with no having that middle one? Or do you guys know of any toyota tcase extension housings that have four bolts across the bottom?

Thanks for any info!



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Re: Help with transfer case swap!
« Reply #1 on: Apr 03, 2020, 04:43:18 AM »
Paging the 1kz gurus. Where is littleSteve when we need him?
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