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Upgrading interior
« on: Mar 24, 2020, 07:42:12 PM »
Gonna get the stink out. What upgrades would you do to a daily driver? I have a 94 pre Tacoma model ex cab with a 22re. Needs seats carpet etc.


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Re: Upgrading interior
« Reply #1 on: Mar 26, 2020, 01:54:03 AM »
You can find oem quality carpet or vinyl here at stock interiors

Replacement seats, you have both new and used options, though new ones don't come cheap and stay away from the cheap $200 new seats, they are garbage.  If you don't want to spend around $1k on new seats, there are plenty of used bucket seats, I have '94 Supra seats in my '91, they did take  some fabrication work for the rear mounts, but the front lined up just fine.  For the most part, most Japanese manufacturer's bucket seats will be direct bolt-ins, with the only issue being the thickness of the seat bottom, too thick and they reduce headroom.

With bucket seats, center consoles are a common upgrade, euther retrofitting new, or building your own.  For factory options, contact Erick561 here, he may have a complete ones.  '90-'95 4-Runner center consoles will fit, and likely 1st gen Tacoma and 3rd generation 4 Runner consoles should as well.  Once you get the seats you want to go with in, you might be able to find car center consoles that might work as well.
If you want to try your hand at making one, search here or over on pirate4x4, or google for examples.  I built a simple one off of an ammo can for my '91 about 14yrs ago, with a section to hold a small icechest for the trail.

and built this one out of wood for an '85 Extra cab about 6yrs ago.

'90 black X-cab mod'd 3.0, 33's/4.88's, rear ARB, custom bumpers, sliders, safari rack, etc.
'91 Blue X-cab 22re, 35's/5.29's,Truetrac front, ARB rear, dual cases, and custom Safari flatbed, bumper, interior.
The money pit '87 Supra resto/mod


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