Author Topic: LSD, Lockers, whatre my options?  (Read 2505 times)

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Re: LSD, Lockers, whatre my options?
« on: Dec 07, 2019, 12:58:18 AM »
i have 2 Detroits, front and rear in my 1989 LN106  hilux   which is my DD , i bought them in 1994 and the rear one has done 440000kms never had a spanner on either  except to change crownwheels  the rear is on its 4th  from memory , on the road they are great   tyre wear is not worth worrying about  as  I used to run BFG mud Terrain s in 32 x 11.5  and I could get 100000kms out of a set of 5  but that was in the 1990s  to early 2000s   the tyres now only last about 70/80000kms   like my last set of Cooper ST , the only thing with Detroits is that they rely on the friction between the tyre and the road to work   , if there if no friction the Detroit will lockup and stay that way  until sufficient friction is encountered , I have had the rear break loose  numerous times and the back steps out on a corner   ,no problem if you are aware of it , just apply opposite lock and keep going ,  have driven in snow  but not encountered ice , in snow about 3 inches deep on a dirt road  have had the rear break loose in 2wd  whilst accelerating and the turbo getting on boost
  ARB air lockers when locked create more tyre wear  and if the o rings in the piston leak or fail the locker doesnt work and you can get the smell of EP gear oil from the compressor   
own a 1989  LN106r diesel with a 1KZ-T 3 litre turbo diesel  bolted to a imported R151F gearbox with snorkel Rancho springs & shocks & Detroit lockers F & R & 11x 32  cooper sst ultimate dual transfer cases 130 litre fuel tank   full floating disc brake rear end


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