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Re: ecu delete
« on: Nov 24, 2019, 07:20:53 AM »
Gnarls I think you may have missed her first posts key statement.  Carb based engines. Not a the 22re. I would like to think no one would buy a 22re fuel injected truck with the intent of taking off a good set up like it has just to make it carbureted.

The 22r carb is a good little set up but the electric choke can be a pain. The first 22r engine we put a propane set up on was amazing to us simple minded high school kids. The swap to a 20r distributor with a single vacuum line made it even more cool/simplistic. I admire anyone who misses the simple mechanical mechanisms we will probably never see used again in the auto industry. An old points ignition with a coil is remarkably simple and reliable. Will it be the most "tunable" or give you the adjustable rev limiter and timing control that a mad box will? Heck no but for a simple engine they are great. A carburetor with no electronics on it is also a great simple device.
I have a 1974 f350 with a fe 360, stock carb with zero electronics, points and condenser ignition. I absolute love that old truck. Simplistic as it can get and works so well. My friends dad preached to me in high school how much he loved his 70 model ford and intended up with this 74.
83 long bed 2wd sas, 3rz, w56, duals with 4.7 rear, 4.88 elock front, spartan rear, 39.5 iroks
01 double cab hunting truck
06 tacoma street truck


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