Author Topic: Lambda set up for a 22r weber  (Read 1045 times)

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Re: Lambda set up for a 22r weber
« on: Nov 17, 2019, 03:29:26 PM »
Either work with the fuels available here . I have the LC-2 from innovate and it does the job quite well. Either way you go it's a good idea to wire the system in temporarily to tune and put it back in the box once you get your jetting right. That'll keep the sensor fresh for any upgrades later. Being here in the land of the smog Nazis having the extra sensor in the exhaust system can get you failed for having a 'modified' exhaust. That little bung means nothing until you put a sensor in it that has nothing to do with the emissions systems. Yeah, I've been dinged for stupid things like that, even a vacuum gage using an extra port on the manifold, "It's not on the vacuum diagram, it's not legal" kinda thing.
As far as price, I think the AEM has a good unit for around $150. The Innovate might be close or a little higher.
If memory serves me, the Innovate has both the 5v wide band signal for the gage and a low volt, 1.5v, that is good for the stock ECU. If wired right you could get away with using just the one sensor/system.
Sure it'll fit........ Just needs a little brute finesse.


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