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« on: Dec 04, 2019, 10:07:39 AM »
I've had the flu twice in the last decade. One was from the grand kids, they got it at school. Yes, they're mom and dad believe in vaxxing, but they still get the flu every year. The other time was after I was talked into getting the shot. I was told either get the shot or leave the job. Got the shot and was so sick the next week I couldn't work. Other than that I've been fluless.
Can't say vaccines don't work or don't do any good, there have been some past vax campaigns that have done wonders, polio and small pox come to mind. Some of them were somewhat effective, MMR. A lot of the newer designer, must have inoculations are on a spectrum of hit or miss to ineffective, like the flu vaccine. Still have to weigh the benefits and detriments before making any decisions on any medications. research how the med operates and how it affects body chemistry and function.

Calling a campaign, like the flu vaccine, propaganda is propaganda. Without the proper information it's just hyperbole. Give some view into what the issues are and offer empirical data, not anecdotal rantings. With that said, I have read lots of information on the influenza vaccine and have come to the conclusion I will never again be inoculated. I'll take my chances with the virus.

I believe at one point vaccines were added value.  At this juncture in life, i dont trust anyone as far as i can throw them. 
As far as your "real evidence" or "empirical data".  Getting the shot and then getting the flu is enough for me.  "real world" evidence.

Are you getting scared into the flu shot for your dog too?
Media is garbage.  This whole anti vaxxer bs is just garbage from the crooked industry.
American medicine has no interest in curing ANY THING.
hold this. . .


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