Author Topic: 22r valve/cam issues  (Read 3348 times)

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Re: 22r valve/cam issues
« on: Nov 06, 2019, 06:20:48 PM »
On the Thorley header they use a 3/8 flange where LCE uses a 1/2 flange. I thought I had read something about the thicker flanges lasting longer. And some Thorley flanges warping. If your running the Thorley header what do you think of them? Any issues?

Everyone has a different opinion.  Doug Thorley has been manufacturing headers since 1958.  If a 3/8" header flange was warping, they would have fixed it back in 1958.

I've had 3 Toyota 22R/RE trucks with DT headers and they performed great.

I use only the DT header gasket from Doug Thorley.

I DO NOT use the self-clamping style header nuts!!

I torque the hex nuts to 25 ft lbs.

I check and retorque the header nuts every couple days until they stay torqued.  Some times that takes several hundred miles.

That's just my limited experience.

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1986 XtraCab SR5 22RE 5speed W56B, ~26,000 MI after break-in, DIM (Did It Myself) rebuilt engine - .020" over, engnbldr RV head, OS valves, 261C cam, DT Header.


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