Author Topic: manual transfer case swap that maintains factory A.D.D. system  (Read 497 times)

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I just swapped an R150F 5spd manual transmission and transfer case into my 2UZFE V8 equipped 2001 Tundra and everything is working great except when I shift into 4wd the A.D.D. system does not engage the front differential.

Has anyone here done a manual transfer case swap and maintained the factory A.D.D. system and 4wd dash indicator lights?

After reviewing the EWD's of the 4wd systems for both a/t and m/t systems, it looks like the m/t 4wd systems just use relays to activate the A.D.D. system while the push button 4wd systems use a 4wd control ECU. I think it's possible to get something in place to make this work like factory but I'm guessing that someone else has already done this so I thought I'd ask before getting too far into it.
2001 A/C Tundra with 2UZFE v8 and R150F 5spd manual transmission swap

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Checking in, have you found a solution for this problem you were having? Please let me know. Thank you!


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