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Re: I bought a boat...
« on: Oct 22, 2019, 04:45:07 PM »
Haven't done anything on it yet.  55 hours a week at work has been sapping all my energy, plus I have still been pretty sore most days off and have barely even got out to deer hunt yet, and I just got hit hard by a bug while out hunting a couple days ago.  Hopefully after this week I can get back on it.  I sanded and added a little body filler to the hood and will get back on it and see how it looks in white, then will follow that up by cleaning and painting the engine white, too.  May try to get a friend's a-frame, which would make swapping outboards a lot easier than trying to lift them on and off by myself.

Also looks like I'm still on to head down to the bay area late november to grab 2 more similar era parts motors, both of which supposedly were last run 10 years ago before the boat was parked for good, and both have stainless props.  Got a pallet to build a mount for transporting them in the bed, similar to the crate they're shipped on, and will be widening it so it snugs between the fender wells and pushes snug against the cab and tailgate so it doesn't shift with 2 outboards mounted to it.  Should make transporting them a ton easier and safer!

Oh, and I still need to find the right control box for the johnson/evinrude setup.  The merc box and cables work really smooth but I cannot seem to find any adapters to hook the merc cables to the johnson outboard  :dunno:

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