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Re: I bought a boat...
« on: Sep 20, 2019, 01:33:02 PM »
Finally got in my shipments of parts for the johnson, but they messed up and sent me 2 starter solenoids instead of 1 solenoid and a rectifier.  No big deal, not like I need them right away, just wanted to replace everything at the same time.  May just replace the plugs, rebuild the carbs (still not sure if I wanna pull and inspect the reeds or wait till I find some aftermarkets to swap in), fix some wiring and replace the water outlet hose nipple and hose.  Was gonna replace the thermostat but forgot to get the cover gasket so it'll have to wait till the next order of parts arrives.

I was trying to remove the side panel where the control box is mounted but it's not coming out.  Not sure if the control box itself is hanging up on something or if there's a certain way I have to tilt it to get it out, but it's not moving enough to remove it.  I pulled all the bolts holding it in place and it can slide front to back about 2", so there should be nothing more attaching it to the boat, but I'm stumped.

Been looking for a bimini top with no luck, plus I would rather try to find a full enclosure if possible, but it's a pita to find stuff online built specifically for this boat.  Also not looking forward to researching which batteries to get, and not sure if I wanna run an isolator or perko switch.  Kinda thinking of getting some small solar panels to fill the panels in front of the windshield, though I doubt they would be of much help.  Also trying to decide how to rig a swim ladder and kicker.  Kinda surprised there weren't pre-drilled mounting holes for a kicker motor.

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