Author Topic: 1986 IFS, 1 ton??  (Read 720 times)

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Re: 1986 IFS, 1 ton??
« on: Aug 23, 2019, 07:41:27 AM »
Thanks for the help on this truck. First it is a 4 X 4 IFS Here are a few more details that I have found on Inet. Not sure about accuracy because they were kind of obscure and contradictory in some cases. I read that the rear brakes were 11" and that it has a larger diff in it. This truck does not have dual wheels and nor does it have the Budd like rims in your picture. It is the standard x cab truck with stock alloy rims. This all makes me think it is a regular 1/2 ton cab / chassis that had a larger spring pack installed to accomadate the flat bed which is a commercial build of steel and has to weigh quite a bit. I have not been able to pull a rear wheel or even get under the truck enough to check some of this info out but I learn stuff by digging and this truck has me obsessed at this point!!!!. Does the brake and diff info seem accurate to anyone  I read 11" diff??? but that seems odd, by eyeball it does look larger than 1/2 ton. So basically does any of this ring a bell with anyone? I really don't want to get into anything where parts are a problem and there is no way I am up to an axle swap anymore. The plan was to just have a driver with a little mud and play capability plus a cool factor.
As is pretty common, my leg is too screwed up right now to do something as simple as crawl under there right now. Plus a couple of flats don't help either
I wish I could do a better job here but I haven't even got it home yet but will this week.
So in a nutshell can anyone else come up with any more telling factors/features that might help with my research. I sort of have the cart ahead of the horse here at this point
Thanks for what you have provided so at least I am certain a 1 ton was built.
Thanks guys


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