Author Topic: 88 4runner 3.0v6 engine swap into 95 4Runner 3.0v6- engine mounting brackets  (Read 330 times)

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   Iím installing an 88 runner 3.0v6 into an 95 runner. I just found out that the 88 3.0v6 engines are a little different than the 89-95 3.0v6. Iím having trouble with the engine being level , front to back and left to right. Currently the engine is clocked to left. It looks like the engine is sitting too high. Does anyone know of any brackets that work for this swap. The 88 has a 4 hole bracket on the driver side. While the 95 block has a 3 hole bracket set up. The problem with the 88 block is that there is no hole for the 3 hole bracket that comes off of the 95 runner. Iíve compared the two brackets and the 95 seems to have a steeper of an angle to the chassis thus allowing it to sit lower. Any recommendations? I canít seem to find any brackets made for this swap.


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