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Found a Toyota 2KD-FTV Engine, Wanna Swap, Need HELP!
« on: Jun 13, 2019, 06:25:17 AM »
Hey Everyone,

I came across a brand-spanking-new 2KD-FTV and I would like to put it into a 4Runner. This is my first swap! I just have tons of noob questions and I hate to be a bother but you all seem like the friendly and helpful types who know their stuff. I am looking at an early 2000's 4Runner (4th Generation) to slap this baby in based on the type of engine and the rudimentary research I am capable of. I know I need a new wiring harness and ECU.

Basically, here is the list of questions:
1) Do I need to replace the Transmission? If so, which ones would be best (A340F, A343F, A750F, etc)? To keep my better half happy, I need to keep it Automatic.
2) Do I need to replace the Transfer Case? Right side versus lift side transfer....
3) Do I need to replace the differentials?
4) Does the engine wiring harness attach to the rest of the electronics in the vehicle (i.e lights, stereo, power windows, etc.)? If so, would I need to splice different wiring harnesses together to route power? (This is the part I am most foggy on.)

I think that's enough for now, I of course have a billion more questions. But I think those are the biggest cliff hangers I have before I buy the vehicle. And thanks for the help in advance!


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 Congratulations on your new acquisition. I have heard that the 2Kd was the better motor when compared to the 1KD even though the 1KD has higher displacement and torque numbers. I would keep as much of the motors factory drivetrain as you could. The 2KD was likely only available with an auto transmission with few exceptions. The ECU will be trying to communicate with the transmission and if there is a different unit in itís place the ECU might get confused.

You need to figure out a transfer case that will fit the transmission that the motor wants that also has the correct output for your 4runner.

You may need to change the gearing in your differentials because of the diesels low end torque.

Wiring is going to be a challenge because finding a wiring diagram is going to be difficult . Good luck!  :thumbs:
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1kd was available with auto and manual.
2kd manual only. Fitted to r151f which is i junk. Ask me how i know.
They have faults. Throttle response is poor and you have to rev the tits off them to make them pull.  Bellhousing is same as a KZ. I have one in stock.
You could run an auto  but it would be miserable to drive. The factory suto for the 1kd was an a750f which has its own ecu as its fully electronic. Iirc the ecu has immobiliser on board so you will need keys to match .
Iirc the factory kd ratios are 3.05:1
I also have wiring diagrams. If you want my opinion on the swap yoill have to ask for it
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