Author Topic: Dual rear axle setup questions  (Read 636 times)

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Dual rear axle setup questions
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:59:12 PM »
Hi all, this is my first post on here and I have some questions. I thought of a way I could set up a dual rear axle setup and I need more information on how exactly it would work. My idea is that there would be one transfer case per axle, the one on the front axle flipped 180* from normal, so that the rear output is now the front input and the front input powers the axle, the front output that would normally go to powering the front axle now goes to the rear axle/transfer case combo where it meets up with the normal front output yoke.

My question is about the technical side of the project. Would I be able to use a gear driven transfer case or only a chain driven? If I wanted to have some way of shifting the axles from high to low could I use a mechanical/pneumatic setup or would electrically shifting it be safer? I know I'll need brackets for the transfer cases otherwise there would be lots of breakage, but how thick would it need to be? Would 1/2" mild steel be overkill? And how would I go about connecting the transfer cases to the input on the axles? I'm thinking the axles would be fourteen bolts, got a proof of concept probably fabricated housings with fourty spline air lockers. Anyway, thanks in advance

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