Author Topic: 87 4runner Ignition switch problems? Need help  (Read 632 times)

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87 4runner Ignition switch problems? Need help
« on: May 28, 2019, 07:18:28 PM »
I recently rescued my old 87 4runner 22re from death due to neglect. I had sold it years ago to a family friend and it broke down 5 years ago, and he never fixed it. I got it back home a few days ago and am putting it back together. Right now I have a good alternator, and have checked?replaced all the fuses. I hooked up a battery today and I have Hazard lights, horn, blower and headlights.

NO turn signals.

NO dash lights except hazards and high beam indicators

Nothing happens when I turn the key when I pulled the ignition fuse (7.5, drivers side kick board) and repleced it with the key in ACC I got "clicks" sO I have current to there at least.

Any ideas on where to start? I am still waiting on my Hynes manual in the mail, and am still learning to read wiring diagrams, so sorting through the internet's infinite sources if unreliable information as proven frustrating at best.

I have multimeter and sort of know how to use it.

Thanks for your help.
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