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Re: Sleeved 22R block
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:33:43 AM »
... 200-225tq at 2400-3000rpm is what I was looking at depending on cam and head. Hp would be 160-170 in the 5000-5700rpm range, again head and cam. Using the 22R head will help with the lower range, 20R head will work better mid to high end, if you can call 5000rpm high.

Hey sirdeuce....

I think your target low end torque and HP numbers may be a real challenge for you.  :beerchug:

I'm a huge fan of low end torque in these engines.  Since I don't race, my power target is to get best torque where I use it the most - right in the RPM range you mentioned 2,400 to 3,000, with a peak between 3000 and 3200 RPMs!!  Of course there is a trade-off for HP in the upper RPMs, right?  :blah:

I believe to get those big torque numbers in that RPM range, the head and porting diameter will be the biggest factors.  Of course, the valve events and choice of cam profile will have an affect.

Going too big on the lift will tend to move the power up in RPMs.  :yesnod:

Exhaust design will have some effect - tri-y vs 4-into-1?  :thumbs:

That's just my opinion based on playing with specs and numbers in Engine Analyzer for the past 10 years and the little bit I understand about flow data.  It's mostly virtual data for me... limited REAL experience.   :driving:

Gnarls. :gap:

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