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Re: Sleeved 22R block
« on: May 23, 2019, 05:03:37 PM »
Cam profile? with this stroke and bore 210-215 degree @.040 lift with .480-.500 lift, 48mm intake valves and 37.5 exhaust and port work to support high velocity flow.
Exhaust is undecided as of yet, but a tri-y into a slightly larger header back exhaust than the collector exit.
No, not a fake engine build, exploring the possibilities, examining options, and after all has been verified for fit find the manufacturer to supply parts and a shop to install the parts. That was just getting the cylinder sleeved! Then the head has to be done. The combustion chamber needs to be "chambered" to match the bore size as best as possible, and volume measured. Then the combustion chamber needs to be cast so the custom pistons can be machined to match the chamber and designed to support intake charge flow, typically a bunch of back and forth with the person designing the piston crown. Then the pistons arrive. Now the block can be bore, balancing done and the block assembled. While all that is going on the head is machined to your specs in the ports and deck. Now the engine goes together, gets installed and tuned. 2 years in the making. That is funds and time permitting.

Condensed version of an experimental engine build by a 'hobbiest'. You should try it some time. You should read my description of my examination of 4AGE piston/7AGE rod assembly.
Sure it'll fit........ Just needs a little brute finesse.


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