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Re: Sleeved 22R block
« on: May 23, 2019, 09:35:40 AM »
"It's been slightly modified", I've used that line a few times, typically with a rocking of the hand. '77 Celica in the low 13s in the mid '80s and a turbo Bug touching the 10s in the late '80s. The bug weighed in at under 1700 with me in the seat! 2.2 liters of pissed off boxer fury!

200-225tq at 2400-3000rpm is what I was looking at depending on cam and head. Hp would be 160-170 in the 5000-5700rpm range, again head and cam. Using the 22R head will help with the lower range, 20R head will work better mid to high end, if you can call 5000rpm high.

ECU? I have several options here with Megasquirt as a possibilty, most likely Megasquirt. I am looking into using a piggy back, just need to verify compatability. Supposedly, the E-manage will work with the later ECU, AND, convert to MAP. Other option on MAF would be to use a turbo 7MGTE AFM and tune for that. So many options.

There is the possibility of putting a blower on this as well. I've toyed with the idea of adapting an Mercedes/Eaton M62to a 4AGE and 22R in the past. With the right combustion chamber and piston shape/preparation a mid range compression 9.5-10 to 1 can handle a low boost, like .5 Bar if tuned right. (My Mazdaspeed3's engine is 9.5 to 1 compression and boosts to a tad over 2.0 Bar(30.2 psi), That's 263hp and 280tq from a 2.3l.)

This is all just an idea right now, Mulling it over in my head, see how things go. Sad thing about my 'off the wall' builds is the time I take on them. My '7AGE' is taking me 7 years to build, 4 years was just research, the last 3 we've moved 4 times. That engine is 1.8l and should put out 160/160 hp/tq.  Not big numbers, but the 4AGE does 115hp and 98tq.

Sure it'll fit........ Just needs a little brute finesse.


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