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Re: Sleeved 22R block
« on: May 16, 2019, 08:59:40 AM »
Redneck, I've had 2/3RZ engines, they do pretty well enough, but like I said earlier, I've had a relationship with the 18/20/22R engine for quite some time. I've had MANY cars with a widely varied engine selection. I haven't, however, really done anything with the RE. I've had just about every carbureted set-up available for an R engine, including modifying the Aisin progressive vacuum secondary that came stock on the 20R. That was an awesome carb after the mods.
I have cars with more modern to modern engines, like my Mazdaspeed3. That MZR engine is a beast from Mazdaspeed, and it can be trained to be a MONSTER! Not to mention my MR2 that spins to nearly 9000rpm, fuel cut at 8800rpm, but doesn't have any hp to brag about. Sounds awesome though!
Forced induction is something I've been considering for a long time, just like the sound and feel of an N/A engine.
Not looking for big HP in a small package here, looking for big torque! Like Gnarls said, lug around town, no racing. 200ftlb torque at 3000rpm is about 115hp. Looking for that kind of output.
If I were to go do a swap I'd go for a 2JZ or 1UZ or even try an MZR. 2JZ I don't have to say anything else on that. 1UZ would be N/A with ITBs, sends shivers up the spine! And the MZR? Stock MZR, tuned with intake and exhaust bolt-ons can net 300+p at the wheels and upwards of 330 torque. Pop in an upgraded HPFP(high pressure fuel pump) and bigger turbo, tune for E85 and 500whp/wtq has been done on stock internals. Insanity in a FWD car. I put my MS3 on the dyno a few months after I got it and it was putting it's rated crank hp/tq to the wheels. Imagine my surprise! I've driven one of these cars that puts over 400hp/tq to the ground. Lets just say it's fun, but not something to daily drive.
This is a nostalgia thing at the least. I'm inspired by this project by the memory of a race I had in my '77 Celica back in the early '90s. I took out a CRX shifting at 3000rpm. Guy in the CRX didn't believe he lost to what he saw. That was a gutted Celica, under 1900lbs, with a 20/22R running a single Weber 40DEFEV down draft with headers( bunch of stuff in the engine too). So my idea is a 22R powerband, all in by 5000rpm with stump pulling torque.
Sure it'll fit........ Just needs a little brute finesse.


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