Author Topic: Clutch Moaning Noise When Taking Off Under Load in 1st gear - 2000 4Runner  (Read 648 times)

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I recently replaced/upgraded my old clutch with a MC 1200lb clutch kit. Now when I take off under load in first gear I get a brief moaning noise - kind of somewhat similar to the sound an old door hinge, or maybe even like a dragging caliper (but a little less metallic sounding). The sound is more pronounced the more quickly you feather in the clutch, or under more load (during a hill start, for instance).

When replacing the old clutch parts I also resurfaced the flywheel, replaced the shift fork and master cylinder, and did everything per the FSM to the best of my knowledge.

At first I was willing to live with the noise, but now I am starting to hear some chirping sounds when accelerating. I'm not sure if this is a related issue, but I'm growing increasingly concerned that something is not quite right.

This was my first clutch job, so I am open to the possibility that I goofed up on something. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome before I pull everything apart to take a look.

By the way - there are no noticeable performance issues (slipping, trouble shifting, etc) - at least not yet. But I don't want to get too far off the beaten path before I get this figured out....


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There should be no “noise” coming from a new clutch job.

On a high mileage clutch, since dropping a tranny is one my most disliked jobs, I replace:

Clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, bearing retainer clips, pilot bearing, tranny input shaft seal and housing gasket, and rear main seal.  Unless the flywheel has visible cracks or ridges, I just block sand it with 320 & 400 grit emery cloth.  The good thing about having it machined and resurfaced is that will correct any possible heat warping.   A new flywheel is not that expensive.  If I were to give the flywheel to a good machine shop for resurfacing, I’d have them check and balance the flywheel and pressure plate.

I assume you replaced the pilot bearing and throw-out bearing? 

Did you very lightly coat the input shaft seal housing with a grease where the throw-out bearing rides?  And, where the clutch disc rides on the end of the input shaft splines?

Usually a “noise” from the tranny will be the throw-out bearing squealing, but can be pilot bearing.  The noise can be from a worn input shaft bearing.

The noise may not be from the clutch area. Could be U-joints, transmission, t-case, rear differential, motor mounts, front drive shafts, or rear springs.

Here’s simple description of noises…. for a worn cluch, but may give you some insight into the sounds your are hearing.

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