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Re: To SAS or not to SAS, that is the question
« Reply #30 on: Mar 15, 2019, 08:52:55 PM »
In considering the dual case and rear locker setup, I am concerned with another issue.  Last October we drove up to the top of Kendall Mountain overlooking Silverton, CO.  The trail wasn’t particularly difficult, but just short of the peak at about 12,800 ft. there was a pitch of a couple hundred yards that was a very narrow and very steep loose shale shelf road with a very steep and long drop off to the driver’s side.  I started up just fine, but about half way up it got a little bit steeper and suddenly the back end broke loose and started bouncing – towards the edge of the trail.  I have had this happen 3 or 4 times before.  Once on steep slick rock in Moab and on a couple of very steep climbs when I was on the gas to get up the incline.  Every other time I was in a spot that I could stop safely.  On this one it was downright dangerous. :smack:

Because of my previous experience I was quick off the throttle, punched the clutch and slammed on the brakes, looking at nothing but blue sky through the windshield.  I looked out the driver side window and could see straight down the mountain.  I could not see the side of the trail without opening the door.  I managed to stop a couple of feet from the edge.  The several thousand foot view down to Silverton below me was beautiful but nerve wracking.  After catching my breath I called up a spotter on the radio and carefully backed down.

Here’s a link to a photo backing down:

Doing some research I now realize that the tire hopping I have experienced is most likely due to axle wrap caused with the rear leaf springs.  It has happened when I am on a very steep pitch and the weight of the truck is loaded on the rear axle with a lot of throttle generating heavy torque.  My concern is that with the dual Tcase and a rear locker, will I be adding to the axle wrap/wheel hopping problem in the future?

I understand that the best solution to minimize axle wrap and wheel hop (other than beefing up the Leaf pack) is to install some type of traction bar to keep the axle from turning and prevent the springs from overloading in an S configuration.  I have seen the BudBuilt traction bar and a few other solutions on line.  Has anyone  used the BudBuilt bar?  If so, can you give me some idea if it will do the job to minimize wheel hop before I proceed with the Tcase/diff changes I am considering.

Are there any other/better solutions anyone has used to eliminate or substantially reduce rear wheel hop?
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