Author Topic: Burnt ceramic on spark plugs  (Read 12972 times)

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Re: Burnt ceramic on spark plugs
« Reply #90 on: Jan 08, 2019, 08:55:26 AM »
I dont think ive gotten as far as a dirt stain on my posts.  And though i would like to read your book i stopped after chapter 1.  And besgen got the idea that it was misfiring cause, other than wear (gap),  there is no other true reason to replace a spark unless it is misfiring.   Spark plugs do NOT increase power!!!!!  Thats why when you say your vehicle runs better it make automotive technicians heads tilt and call BS.  They sold you bro, then did something to make it run better, like  Placebo effect.

Well I must be the greatest BS salesman in the World, because I did all the work.  You mean to tell me I did major work on a  motor in my sleep, lied to myself that I did it and told myself it was just bad plugs, and I believed myself because I am too stupid. 

I posted a thread, explained what happened. Asked if anyone had seen anything like it.  Get told engine was/had to be doing things it was not, and to shut up and piss off. 

You and Bgen remind me of the technician in the case of the customer with the car that did not like Vanilla ice cream. 

Man buys a new car from dealer, ( this is in the 70's)and loves it. But over the summer it starts having a problem. Takes it to dealer, and explains what happens. 
Every day in the afternoon he drives to the store to get ice cream. Some times he buys chocolate, some times strawberry,  and some times vanilla. 
When he buys chocolate or strawberry he walks out and the car just starts right up, but if he buys vanilla it is very hard to start. 

Techs say there is nothing wrong with the car and the guy is nuts.   Owner is not happy with car and does not trust it, so he wants to return it.  A "MECHANIC" he knows asked some questions..
1) It is summer
2) The Temperature is near 100F
3) He is shopping at a large Grocery chain
4) Because the Vanilla ice is very popular it is right at the front of store.
5) The other two are at the back of the store.
6) It takes longer to buy chocolate or strawberry ice cream then the vanilla.

Can you guess what the problem was? 


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