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Re: Fireitup Fabs a Fab Table
« on: Dec 01, 2018, 12:51:25 PM »
Called around and none of the steel suppliers in town seem to stock 11ga tube in 3"x1".  Most stock 14ga.  Not what I was going for initially so I went ahead and modeled the welds and changed the tube to 14ga to run a static load study.

Absolutely no need to do this probably, but what the heck. Lets nerd out for a bit.

Assuming that the table is constrained at the end tubes (mostly true)


Assuming the table is designed to support ~562lb (2500N) spread across the remaining tube sections


Solving predicts a maximum deflection of 0.68mm in the center (Image shows deflection scaled up 0.5x...)


Also, looking at the safety factor analysis shows that the welds on the constrained section could fail at 1.05x the designed load (527.5lb).



This seems like a reasonable conclusion, since the constraints prevent the end tube sections from flexing at all.  The square tube support flexing with the other tube sections wants to tear away from the pieces that cant move.  Not too worried about this, since a) I am not building a pedestrian bridge or something and b) the welds I modeled are actually pretty dinky.  Ill do a double pass there just in case I ever need to set a Chevy Big Block V8 on it.  Probably never going to happen though...

I think i am safe to proceed with 14ga.  Lighter and cheaper!

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