Author Topic: 22re "performance" cam questions.  (Read 360 times)

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22re "performance" cam questions.
« on: Oct 03, 2018, 08:39:47 PM »
I have an 87 Runner 22re. They guy I bought it from over a year ago told me his brothers friend owned the truck before him and installed a header and a "racing" cam. I've contacted the previous owner a few times regarding the cam to figure out what cam is installed. It has stock exhaust and cat on it but it sounds wicked.
I was going to adjust the valves and I'm not sure what specs to use with the advanced cam.  I need to get in there soon to check it out because I think one of the exhaust valves may be damaged.
I started having some issues with it running rough and backfiring while coasting then coming lightly into the throttle. The tachometer falsely jerks all over the place from 0 to 7k with this problem as well.
I have a list of stuff to troubleshoot before the valve job such as the TPS, distributor, ignition coil, temp and o2 sensor, EGR valve, and ICM.
So question is what specs should I use for the valve job? I guess I threw the drivability issue out there as well just in case you had the same problem last week and you have some good advice as where to start. I'm starting with the TPS tomorrow.
87 4Runner
22RE header and cam 31's


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