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Rubicon Clean-up, must read!!
« on: Oct 03, 2018, 02:05:00 PM »
This was posted on Facebook, come on folks this is why camping at Spider Lake got closed!!

Tim S Green

Sad news and somewhat of a wake up call :(
Unfortunately reports and complaints are coming in to El Dorado County of serious issues at Buck Island Lake. Complaints are also starting to surface from our very own community and appearing on social media. Based in fact, or over inflated doesn't matter. The perception is there and some with pictures to slam it home.
Reports of white flowers, poop, tampons, shitty socks, garbage, beer cans etc etc. You get the point. Some may say posting this in public doesn't help and to some point we agree but lets not forget we have been down this road before. In recent communications the Spider Lake 2004 closure has been brought up and referenced and if comparisons are being made already we are treading on thin ice. (That is purely our opinion).
Call to action:
El Dorado County reached out to Josh Burau, President of The Pirates of the Rubicon and discussed the situation knowing their clean up run is coming up in a week or so. Thats the kind of communication we need and should inspire. The Pirates have agreed to focus their clean up efforts this year at Buck Island Lake. We need to stay in front of this issue and help out!
This year will mark the 21st Pirate clean up run. Thats right 21 years!!! And this year they need our help. We're gonna supply a trailer for the effort and a few bodies. If you have the time get out there and help these guys and gals make a difference and lets show the community we have not forgotten the past and what we have lost.
They will be camping in the Spillway Friday evening and heading to Buck Island bright and early Saturday Morning to get things done. No need to contact anyone or register just show up, show support, bring some gloves, garbage bags and get after it ;)
Friday October 12th,13th.
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