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Re: 82 pickup camper
« on: Apr 07, 2019, 12:06:37 PM »
i also installed an under the hood starter button.

i didn't like how since there was nothing i had to access on the passenger side of the engine that i wouldn't have to remove the air box for i rebuilt the intake so that it would be away from the exhaust and allow easier access to the accessories on the drivers side, it's just a temporary job, i'll be redoing it to make it look and maybe flow a little better, i don't know what performance difference it may have caused because i changed the exhaust system at the same time.

as i have mentioned i replaced the stock exhaust manifold with the tubular kind from a different truck(i don't know what it came off of to have both the individual tubes as well as the single center bolt), but it performs way better then the old one.

i replaced the exhaust with 2" to the masterflow muffler and 2 1/4" out the very back, it made a noticeable drop in under 2000 rpm torque, but improved top end more then enough to make up for it.
82' w/dual t-cases, desmoged, with minor mods. 88' ex-cab 4x4 chassis with front diff and other 4x4 components removed, 4.3 v6 swab and other major mods in progress


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