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Re: 82 pickup camper
« on: Sep 10, 2018, 08:11:35 PM »
about a year and a half ago it bent a valve, so i took one of my dad's running engines and stuck it in, when i filled it with anti-freeze i for got to top it off after running it for a few minutes to fill the heater and blew the head gasket 1,000 miles later, sent some pretty spectacularly large puffs out the exhaust as it dumped water into the engine.
took my dad's block and my head (the #4 spark plug hole in his was stripped and i didn't feel like fixing it) and built the engine that is in it now and it runs absolutely amazingly, just a little leaky
82' w/dual t-cases, desmoged, with minor mods. 88' ex-cab 4x4 chassis with front diff and other 4x4 components removed, 4.3 v6 swab and other major mods in progress


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