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Re: Crawler Brennans Taco Supreme
« on: Aug 28, 2018, 10:51:11 AM »
The truck got me everyplace I needed for a long time. I went to the off road expo and had a great time seeing all kinds of cool stuff but the week after I got back to Fresno everything changed. I was on lunch when my temp gauge wet to full hot. I pulled over right away but it was too late the motor was done. I wouldn't know what caused it for a few months but it ended up being a cracked head, when I checked the rad it was dry... SO this is when the fun stuff stated. Marlin built me a 3.4 and along the way he did everything he could to open up the restrictions along the way. While he worked on a motor for me MC built me a 4.7 Taco Box. I already had an ARB in the rear end with 4.88 Marlin Crawler Ninja gears so Rocky built me a matching 4.88 front diff with a spartan locker for the front. Once the motor was done Marlin did the harness work to swap me to a 4x4 auto transmission. When everything was coming together I wanted to switch to 35s so some major cutting was also done to my fenders and fire wall.
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