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Re: Crawler Brennans Taco Supreme
« on: Aug 23, 2018, 09:22:58 AM »
After the week and a half that I had the truck for my wedding I was sold on it and didn't want to give it back. It had more power than my 2.2 GM Subaru and the AC was ice cold. Once we worked out a deal I drove the truck for several months without doing a thing to it besides an oil change. I got the truck with the cab smashed in pretty bad behind the pass side door, It really bugged be so I did a bit of body work to make it look a little better but ended up running into rain that cut my weekend project short. Ive never gone back and finished it so the cab is still half fixed and looks pretty bad. I'm lucky enough to live pretty close to some very pretty lakes with a cool drive up to them so before long I did a solo trip up to Courtright. I stopped along the way and hit a few cool spots and took some pictures. I had not owned a truck for the last 6 or so years so it was fun getting used to the way the truck drove and how different it was to my Subarus. Pictures are from along the way at a sequoia grove and a vista point then some pics from the lake.
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