Author Topic: Finally ready to gather parts for Toyota Axle Swap. Looking for advice, please  (Read 892 times)

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There are some examples of re-powering Rockys with either a 22 out of a Toyota (multiple types) or a 3.0 V6. When that's done, as far as I have seen, in every case the owner went to a SAS at the same time. There is no doubt that this level of fab is beyond my friends and I. In my original posts around the interwebs, my thinking was that I would do the rear axle swap, into something "better," thinking I could go with the rest of the running gear at that time. I have changed my mind, kinda: I'd like to keep the stock engine as long as I can.

This is something I would like to drive around both on-road and off. However, as it's pretty slow, if I'm driving in the rain, I'm not sure I'd be giving it enough juice to slide around. I know I could break the rears loose of both of my Burbs in the rain. However...I worry about the complexity of air lines and a compressor instead of "simply" running power to a rear axle.


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