Author Topic: 2018 Deer Season - it fast approaches!  (Read 1379 times)

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Re: 2018 Deer Season - it fast approaches!
« on: Oct 14, 2018, 07:02:13 PM »
Spent the better half of the day hunting in another part of the carr fire today.  I have only hunted the area a couple times since the 90s, mostly cause it had become far too overgrown to see anything, but I had a notion the fire might have fixed that.  It mostly had.

Where other burn areas were full of signs of life, this was nearly void of it.  Itís decomposed granite and is very easy to see tracks, but all I saw for hours were a coyote track and a set of bear tracks, though pushing back into a couple valleys produced what looked like some small animal tracks (fox?), more bear tracks, and another buck skull/rack.

This one was newer and fresher than the 3 point but had been scorched by the fire.  It was a 4x4 with eye guards that measured 19Ē wide and 15Ē tall.  Pretty much the buck I knew was in the area but had never seen.  I was again stoked to find it, though itís always a little bittersweet.  I just appreciate that the buck had probably spread some good genetics through the area and will go back at least once more before the end of the season.

With so much area opened up due to the fire, I was able to get into spots I hadnít been able to access since the 90s and found a couple nice bowl type areas where I would really like to set a few blinds for bow season.  I will probably start going in after the season is over and start prepping the area to maintain the easy access

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