Author Topic: Aluminum thread inserts or steel for thermostat housing bolts in aluminum 20R  (Read 773 times)

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Looking for someone with more experience than me.....I've got one stripped out threads on my head where the thermostat housing goes.  I was thinking about using a helicoil or thread insert and then saw that they make aluminum ones that press fit in.  I guess you could either couter sink a little or just cut bigger bolt hole in gasket due to the collar around the top of the insert sitting proud of the surfaced head.  Anybody got any experience or opinion on these?  If you think I should use the steel ones would you recommend helicoil or the inserts?

Current situation is holding as threads are completely gone but pretty close.  I'm driving it everyday but believe I'm pushing my luck.

Here's some of the aluminum ones:
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I would use steel threaded inserts.

You could just try going up a bolt size and enlarge the thermostat holes.     Might even be able to keep the same thread pitch.
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If you don't already have the tool for inserts I would use a helicoil.
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I would re drill and tap the next size. I believe they are 8mm now. Could step up to 10mm.
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