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1985 4-Runner trade
« on: Mar 20, 2018, 12:44:52 PM »
Looking trade for a street legal Toyota truck (SAS) similar build.
Trade value 10K?
Cash value 8k
TEXT Drake 801-376-0330
This is a list of new parts and maintenance in the last month in prep for Jeep safari. (Yes, I own a jeep too! LOL)

1. New master cylinder, brake system flushed with Lucas synthetic
2. New Radiator and cap, system back flushed and replaced with Toyota Red Coolant
3. New TPS (Throttle position sensor)
4. Front and rear differentials, transmission, transfer cases all changed with synthetic gear oil 
5. New u joints in rear Toyota shaft
6. Hydro steering flushed with royal purple
7. New alt and belts
8. New red top optima battery
9. LCE timing chain with metal guides, New timing chain cover.(professionally Japanese engine builder)
10. Valves adjusted (professionally Japanese engine builder)

Before I Cut the back half off this and make it into a Truggy and spending time on this, the wife wants me to try to move or Trade this. I already have a built four door family Overlanding rig, and wanting something smaller for those tight canyons.

 This rig is solid, cruises 65 MPH@ 3k RPM (this is where I drive it). It will easily go 75-80 mph no problem, it is very tight. Mechanically I think it is complete. There is only cosmetic stuff left to work on. The pics it tells most of the story.

1985 Toyota 4 runner, base no A/C, vinyl floors, simple trail rig. Everything works, lights, signals, window washer, rear window, and check engine lights. This truck is mostly Daily Driven. It averages 17.8 mpg. I can squeeze 13 gallons in the tank

Stock original 22RE all stock, (approx. 150K true miles) no leaks ANYWHERE.
Original transmission (W56A) 5 speed (new clutch last year)
Off the self-marlin duel cases with 4:70 in rear, case (MC 07 XD) with trail gear cross member, bombproof t-case mount
V-6 diffs 5:29ís with factory e-lockers frt. and rear, trial gear wiring harness

Bilsteins 5150 fixed reservoir shocks
Longfields axles inner and outer, six shooter knuckles, high steer, hydro assist, Marlin inner seals, trail gear knuckle safe wiper seals, vented rotors,
1986+ rear axle (wider than the 1985)
All pro 3 inch springs front and rear (9 inches longer then stock), wheelbase stretched to 107inches, anti-wrap.
Full length cage, including in the cab.
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Re: 1985 4-Runner trade
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