Author Topic: Cporche's engine fiasco  (Read 2473 times)

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Re: Cporche's engine fiasco
« on: Mar 16, 2018, 07:50:00 PM »
That's wonderful I assumed NPR rings were OK stuff since they were Japanese. Oh well.


I’m not saying anything that most savvy people already know…..

The actual source location, Country of Origin, origin of manufacturing, of many suppliers, distributors, OEMs, and aftermarket sellers in many different industries and markets may NOT be the same as what is advertised or promoted.  The United States Federal Trade Commission can be bought, just like the FDA and other government agencies.

NPR is a “global” company -  may be a Japanese company headquartered Japan.  Take a couple minutes to peruse their site.  Look at “Overseas Bases”.

If you buy a Toyota or Honda vehicle, most of it is made from parts from different sources, including the USA, and they are considered top “Made in USA” automobiles.  If you buy a Chevy, much of its parts are made in China, GM has a manufacturing plant in China.

I was told that the Toyota NPR rings are NOT made in Japan.  I have no way of validating that comment, but I trust the person who told me, as they have no reason to fabricate a lie, and every reason NOT to use poor quality products in their business.

There are known Toyota after market parts that have a reputation for high level quality, but you have to find the source for who truly knows that fact.


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