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Re: BigMike's 2016 Tacoma Trip & Trail Log
« Reply #30 on: Jan 25, 2018, 09:27:30 PM »
Trip #10 - 29th Annual Rubithon (July 14, 2017)

Event: 29th Annual TLCA Rubithon (
Trail name: Rubicon
Run group name: "Marlin Crawler Sweep Run"
Location: Loon Lake, CA
Special note: *Finally* got my lockers hooked up!

Whew!! What an experience!!!

Before I begin, this thread is now officially caught up to my build thread. :D I regret not creating this thread sooner. It is currently late January 2018 and for this trip report I have no other notes and am recalling my experiences from 6 months ago. I am looking forward to being caught up here to provide the best reports directly after each event :thumbs:

As discussed from Reply #528 of my build thread, having only 2 weeks after Moonlight Madness to get the truck ready and with less than 24-hours on new 37" tires + a new suspension system, I made it to Loon Lake about 8 hours after our main group in time to catch some ZZZs before hitting the trail.

"Marlin Crawler Sweep Run" details:
I will be leading a group of seven built and experienced pre-1995 Toyotas on our annual "Marlin Crawler Sweep Run", which is an official run group where we are the last group to enter the Rubicon during each annual Toyota Land Cruiser Association's Rubithon event (, with the responsibility of repairing and helping any broken down or struggling rigs on the trail between Loon Lake and the Springs Campground.

As previously mentioned, helping others and giving back to the community has always been the Marlin Crawler way and we always look forward to this event. In fact, since the event started in 1988, we have only missed two. The unique and fun aspect about our Marlin Crawler Sweep Run is that we never know what to expect: We might come across a dozen broken rigs or none; We never know. So it is my job as trail leader to maintain a brisk pace to complete the majority of the Rubicon trail in one shot & get everyone safely to camp that same day.

This event is traditionally the third weekend of June but due to the strongest winter we've had I believe in more than ten years it took 3 extra weeks for snow melt and the trail to open. This also means the trail would be more difficult than normal due to 1) the stronger the winter = more rocks get washed out that were tossed & stacked in place during the previous wheel'n season resulting in nice more challenging obstacles, and 2) we were among the first 100 or so rigs to cross the trail since it re-opened meaning fewer and fewer rocks had been re-stacked at this point. Many of our Central and Northern California trails close every winter so they start off spring/summer more difficult and become easier and easier throughout each season. This is what makes being part of trail opening work parties so much fun: The trails are always most challenging early in the season!

For me and the Tacoma, this will be the first serious trail, the first time as trail leader, and possibly the first 3rd Gen Tacoma to take on the Rubicon!

My goals are as follows:
(1) Be the first 3rd gen to conquer the Rubicon
(2) Do not get stuck even once
(3) Do not require any spotting even once
(4) Do not take any body damage

Let's do this!!

Ohh yeah baby the Tacoma has received the infamous Rubithon Trail Committee magnet wooohoooo!

The new tires are 37" x 12.5" x 17" BFG KRAWLERs

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