Author Topic: BigMike's 2016 Tacoma Trip & Trail Log  (Read 14150 times)

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Re: BigMike's 2016 Tacoma Trip & Trail Log
« Reply #30 on: Jan 25, 2018, 11:21:43 AM »
Next there was an optional long steady, sort of a narrow v-grove climb that leads up to a large & steep waterfall. At the base of the waterfall there was a ditch-out route so I went up as high as I could and then bailed. A few people in our group tried the waterfall and only one guy made it. I'd love to return here next year with lockers and larger tires and give it a go!

Here I am near the top of the v-grove section.

Stopping for lunch

Great day for some wheel'n!

At this point it was already close to 3pm and I had a mission that I was on and needed to get up to northern Utah for a business trip. So a few of us took a fireroad back to the highway (including Marlin who needed to get back in time to help at the annual Raffle).

Here we are airing back up. I am using a portable version of ARB's new maximum twin-compressor which works "decently well". It isn't as good as a York and certainly not as good as a RV2 (which I've got mounted to my 3RZ in my Hilux). But for an electric compressor it did well for my lil 33" tires. (I plan to install a similar setup with an under-the-bed aluminum air tank for on-board air and to operate my air lockers.)

Love that Moab red dust!

And that was it for me and Cruise Moab 2017!
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