Author Topic: BigMike's 2016 Tacoma Trip & Trail Log  (Read 14747 times)

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Re: BigMike's 2016 Tacoma Trip & Trail Log
« Reply #30 on: Jan 25, 2018, 09:23:36 AM »
Morning Driver's meeting

Now on 33s I aired down to 12 psi. Before I got beadlocks under my Hilux, I had 35" tires and around 7 psi it would begin burping air out the bead. Knowing the Tacoma is both heavier and has a smaller tire profile with 17" wheels, I figured I'd try 12 and see how it works from there.

The day has officially begun!

This lil climb was fun because Marlin got into a wheelbase hole and struggled. It took him a while to finally get up it and then when I came along, beings I am a good twenty-inches longer, I walked right up this...

...and on the very first obstacle my very first time using the Marlin Crawler Dual Case TacoBox I performed my very first Walking The Crawler!

It was awesome. Sure, 235:1 is not as impressive as my Hilux's 511:1 nor anywhere nearly as impressive as The Crawler Truck's 1,148:1, it was still cool to see. I got out of the truck during the steep section but only have this pic from Marlin's camera....which for some reason has a weird hue filter enabled (sorry in advance for the strange colors)

The truck climbed up the ledge on it's own in gear with no throttle input and no engine stalling. Keep in mind, with the Marlin Crawler TacoBox, the Tacoma now has around 2,350 foot-pounds of an 800 RPM engine idle!

Oh man what a night and day difference having the Marlin Crawler installed!! This truck has 1,000% been transformed and the same with my confidence level -- I feel like I could go anywhere, traction limiting. The invincible feeling you get from the Marlin Crawler. Man oh man how long has it been since I've felt this way. This is so awesome to be building a new truck!!
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