Author Topic: W58 Transmission Modification/ Conversion To Shorter Shifter Housing  (Read 577 times)

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Hello everyone,

I know this board isn’t exactly all about drift cars and drifting, but I know there are many experts here on W58 transmissions. I need help regarding the W58 transmission that I have which came out of a 1995 supra (MK4 supra). This year has the tripod shifter which sets too far back for my needs of swapping it into my 1990 Cressida when attached to my 1JZ-VVTI engine from a jzx100 chaser. I noticed that if I were to use the shifter housing (diagram #: 33506F) from an A70 Supra (MK3 supra) it would fit perfectly in my OEM transmission tunnel hole, all after taking measurements of course. I have no worries about the housing fitting my transmission or any other parts than just this one, the housing shift lever (diagram #: 33521). I think it should fit onto the shift lever (diagram #: 33251) from my transmission with no problem. My only concern is whether or not the set screw (diagram #: 33521F) hole location on my shift lever isn’t the same place as the one on the MA70 supra or MK3 supra and that the holes for the shift lever and the shifter housing may not line up correctly. I would assume that Toyota wouldn’t go through the trouble of making a brand new shift lever for the MK4 supra W58 (my transmission) when engineering a new one. Can anyone confirm that the set screw holes on the MK3 Supra W58 and the MK4 Supra W58 are the same?

P.S. the shifter fork from my transmission is circled in red in the photo provided. Thanks!
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I dont know for sure but I will send this to Mike and see if he can help
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