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Re: Life, powered by Toyota
« on: Nov 21, 2017, 04:41:12 AM »
Hey Lewis,

So…. what has changed with your thinking?  :headscratch:

It wasn’t too long ago you posted your thoughts and tenaciously questioned whether or not a Toyota truck has a truly reliable reputation backed up by lots and lots of historical facts and years and years of automotive expert comparisons, and testimonials by owners.

You said:  “And my lack of convincement is no reflection on the arguments presented by anyone here..”

Regarding your statement:  “Then, around the time I took this shot, it dawned on me that we need a slogan to put the Ford, Chevy, and Dodge guys in their place: Life, powered by Toyota.”

While I understand the long standing brand rivalry – factual or anecdotal -  I don’t understand why we need to put the non-Toyota guys in their place.  Isn’t there enough discontentment in the world today?

From their perspective, the Ford guys can brag about their trucks:

The Chevy guys can brag about their trucks:

The RAM truck guys can brag about the brute power of the 3500 that will out tow any other pick up on the market.

Although not typically mentioned in a truck comparison…  The Honda guys can brag about beating out Nissan and Toyota:

And in some overall rankings Toyota trucks are down on the list:

What’s my point?  Remember, without the other guys…. Toyota would not look so good.  :gap:

It just comes down to your point of view.

Gnarls. :D

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